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The Walmart Love Story Wedding Cake Toppers

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Price Included: two custom figurines with background SKU: CC0288
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The Walmart Love Story Wedding Cake Toppers

Walmart Cake Topper, Walmart Wedding Cake Topper, The Walmart Love Story Cake Topper
This is a completely customized the Walmart love story wedding cake topper ordered by one of our customers.
The groom had "basically" asked the bride from day one if she would marry him and she had resisted for the most part but she had given in and said yes. Their idea for a Walmart cake topper is for groom to be holding her around the waist holding her back from running away. The groom is in his tux and she in her wedding gown, holding a bouquet of flowers. Their wedding date is set for November 19, 2011 the reason they chose this date was because we wanted a month where no immediate family member had a birthday, anniversary or etc… A month that would be "theirs". Also they would like a Walmart sign behind their figurine, that is the one of the most important part of their topper. Want to why they wanted the Walmart sign and what does it mean? Thanks Tom and Laura for sharing their love story and may their love shine warmly forever. Let the story begin...
Our "love story" begins about 13 years ago. I was working for one of the rental companies in our hometown and Laura was a customer. I, at the time, was married and so was she, but the first time I saw her I was in love, and wanted to spend my life with her. But, that was impossible for we both were committed to other people. My first marriage eventually ended, but the misfortune was that Laura was still unavailable. I met someone else and rushed into a second marriage that also eventually ended. Having lost any knowledge of how to find or knowing where Laura would be, thought all hope was lost. We occasionally saw one another around town but I never got up the nerve to ask her out or if she was with anyone. Until.........on August 13th, I found her. I had decided that I wanted to get cellular service with Verizon but the Walmart in our local township didn't carry Verizon. So, I traveled to the nearest township that had a Walmart. I arrived at the store at about 9 that evening. As I turned the corner toward electronics, there she was standing behind the connections desk, I had found the woman of my dreams, again. I told her I was there, but she had just closed down but would be back to work on Friday and would be glad to do it then. I told her ok I would come back then, I didn't get my phone that night but I did get something better....a chance to see Laura again!!!! On Friday, I returned at 8, so that Laura would have enough time to do my phone and that I could have a conversation, possibly a date. I never thought she would give me the time of day, or that I was worthy of a woman like her. She greeted me like she had two nights before with a big beautiful smile and "are you back to get your phone". I said "yes" and added in "ever thought of getting married again", as I didn't see a ring on her left finger. She laughed and answered "no not actually". She activated my phone and said she got off at 9, so I waited for her to get off. I walked her to her car, where we stood and talked for a little while. I got up the nerve to ask her if she would like to go out with me. We made plans for the next night and we have been together ever since. I felt that she would be the woman of my dreams and she is.
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