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Price Included: two custom figurines with background SKU: CC0235
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Auburn University Track Runner and FSU Cheerleader Wedding Cake Topper

Auburn University Track Runner Cake Topper, FSU Cheerleader Cake Topper, Track Runner and Cheerleader Figurine
This is a completely customized cheerleader and track runner wedding cake topper ordered by one of our customers.
The bride is FSU cheerleader and groom is an Auburn University track runner. They would like to do something cute to reflect their personalities and interests. However they didn’t have an exact idea about the style of their cake topper. So we inquired their detail love story, trying to make a perfect design to match their personalities and interests. Thanks Jeff and Amelia for sharing their story to help us make the design. Want to enjoy their story? Here it is…
Amelia and myself met last Fall on Halloween. I was down in Pensacola for a friend’s wedding (a guy that I ran track with at Auburn) and we met that evening, had lunch the next day and the rest is history so to speak. We did the long distance thing until my company asked me to move out to Texas to run a couple projects and I asked her if she would go. Amelia is a nurse which matches up very well with my profession (Project manager for a big general contractor based out of Birmingham, AL) so she was able to find a job out here in Brownsville. I moved to Texas in January and she followed me a few weeks later. We both were kind of under the mindset that we didn’t really think we would ever get married (both had some rough deals with relationships) but that all changed very quickly when we met. We know after a very short time we wanted to get married and especially with the move to Texas we decided we wanted to go ahead and start our life together. So a few weeks after Amelia moved out here (would have done it sooner but had to wait on the ring to get in) I took her to San Antonio for the weekend. From there I had a dinner planned at a restaurant outside of town on a vineyard. She loves dessert and so the plan was set up for us, that while we were eating a table was being prepared in the vineyard where dessert would be waiting for us and that’s where I was going to propose. Well as fate had it, the one time since I met her that she wasn’t craving something sweet, she decided tonight she didn’t want dessert. Later I found out that she was kind of thinking I was going to propose when we got back to the Marriott (we were on the 33rd floor with a huge balcony) because I was having something set up there while we were at dinner. So when the waiter came and said they had dessert set up for us outside I think she kind of knew it was coming. So we proceed outside, a cold front had just come through so it’s quite chilly outside, and for me I talk in front of people all the time and really never get nervous or lose my words…well this particular night I did (proposing was kind of a big deal you might say). But it was nice, got down on one knee…she said yes of course. So there’s kind of the quick run through of the proposal.
So we both live down here in Brownsville now (probably through the end of the year and will see where the next project takes us). Getting married August 27th in Birmingham, AL. We both love to run and stay in shape (when I found out she liked to run it was definitely a big bonus). She cheered at a smaller college in Marianna FL and then did nursing at West Florida. She’s a big Florida State Fan though so would rather use their team. I graduated from Auburn University, where I ran cross country and track.
The best designs are always depending on your experience, personalities, habits and interests. After reading their story, the first sketch we made is having the groom running towards to finish line of track and bride standing nearby cheering for him. However they don’t like the design. They prefer the bride and groom holding hands and running together. The bride is holding her bouquet in her other hand and having it outstretched like the cheerleading pose. For the base, they would like a trail base with stump, stone and fallen leaves. What is your idea about this track runner and cheerleader wedding cake topper, love it?
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