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Shipping Information

How long does this take?
For standard order, usually it will take 6-8 weeks to complete. We do can make your figurines fast; the shortest record of production time is only 6 days. But we really do not recommend you place your order at the last minute. Since if so, we may have no time to design 2D drafts to help you find the best style you love, we still may have to time to let your proof the figurine. So please try to place your order as earlier as possible.
Also we will not have the ability to make any changes to your cake topper without your opinion. Generally speaking there will be 2-3 changes before the final topper. And it will cost 1-3 days to complete each modification request. The more time you leave us, the more modification request can be accepted.
So we highly recommend you place your order at least 6-8 weeks before your event. In case you have no 6-8 weeks, don’t worry, just send us an inquiry, we are always ready to challenge our fastest record of production time (Now it is 6 days).
Estimated Time of Arrival=Production Time+Shipping Time
Order Types
Shipping Methods
Production Time
Shipping Time
Time of Arrival
Standard:EMS / USPS
45 days
5-7 business days
6-8 weeks
Express:FedEx / UPS
15 days
3-4 business days
18-19 days

       *If time is a critical issue, order earlier and tell us the Exact Date you want to receive it.
         Please note all orders require a signature on receipt.
How will these be delivered?
For standard order, your cake topper will be delivered using the United States Postal Service (or your country's postal service). For rush order, your cake topper will be delivered by UPS.
As soon as your cake topper leaves our hands, we aren't in control of it. If you get a notice from the post office to pick up your package in the case that it was not delivered to you at first delivery, it is your responsibility to get the package! Please be sure you approve your cake topper at least 10 business days before your event in order to leave plenty of time for it to arrive.
What if my cake topper doesn't arrive in time?
If you follow our process, photo guidelines, check your email regularly and give us your feedback in time, this can’t happen. We keep a very close eye on your event date and make sure we alert you when your cake topper needs to ship. However, if you do not respond to our emails, this may delay the process.
So once again, please check your email regularly and give us your feedback in time after placing your order. Please do not wait until the last minute to approve your cake topper! We fully understand that if your cake topper isn't on your cake, it loses its special value.
Our Guarantee
As long as you approve your cake topper 10 business days before your actual event date, we will guarantee that it will arrive in time. Otherwise, a refund (not include shipping fee) will be issued once we get your returned product.
We can only offer a refund in the case that
a) We get your approval email at least 10 business days before your event date and you received confirmation email which we received your approval;
b) You return the package, unopened, back to us immediately after the missed event date;
c) Deliver address you submitted is correct when you place your order;
d) Your order did not reach the post office nearest to your address or your actual address at least one day before your event AND the reason for its delay was not caused by a natural disaster or act of god.
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