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Arrival Policy - Updated on 5.23.2013
Now our arrival policy is added in our service and product. In the past 8 years, we haven’t missed any wedding. Yes, sounds incredible, but we did it. It is the great honor for us to make your toppers, so we are glad to work over night in busy season, we are happy to work at weekend to catch up your wedding and event. Thus, in the past 8 years, we haven’t missed any wedding.
It sounds ridiculous that we release this arrival policy at above condition. If we haven’t missed any wedding, then no need arrival policy at all. But the fact is now we don’t feel very good. Due to rapidly increasing orders, no matter how hard and how long we work, we may break our record. This concerns us so much. Thus we release this arrival policy, which is:
1) Now if you don’t get your topper on time, we will issue full refund. We will tell you the arrival status 7 days before your wedding to help you rearrange your topper.
2) And more, we prepared 6 style cake toppers as below images to choose as replacement. We are so sorry that we can’t have our customized topper attend your wedding, but at least let us do something for you. So please pick one style as a free gift and we will make sure this topper will arrive on time and your cake will not be alone.
Hope the prepared 6 style cake toppers will never be sent out. And we will train more artists to offer better products in the future, thanks.
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