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January 1, 2011 – Six Years, with 6 years experience specialized in wedding cake toppers and personalized figurines, we have enjoyed tons of amazing wedding stories and ideas. We treat them as the greatest treasure of the whole world and think they should be shared with everyone. However we also take our clients' privacy very seriously, without your approval we never publish your photos. So we release this free 2D sketch designing service to encourage you to share your unique love stories and wedding ideas.
2D sketch designing service is the first half of our standard service process of completely customized cake toppers. So first please allow us to make a short explanation about our products and service. Generally speaking we have two product series. One is half customized cake toppers which mean bodies are premade but heads are customized based on your photos. Another is completely customized cake toppers which mean they are completely customized from heads to toes.
For half customized cake toppers, we don’t offer 2D sketch designing service. Since the styles are fixed, we can’t make any modification. You can check here for styles of half customized cake toppers. For completely customized cake toppers, we will first draw some sketches to get your approval and then turn them into 3D figurines. At least 5 emails will be sent to get your approval about every important part. You can check here for more information about our service process and check our blog here to find real procedure of how we process a completely customized order.
Procedure of Processing Orders
We truly understand everything should be perfect in your wedding, so we accept unlimited modification request at 2D sketch designing stage. We believe we can work with you together to ensure every detail matches your wedding and personality perfectly. For newlyweds who are suffering from looking for the dreaming wedding cake toppers in your minds, now you have a chance to get a FREE 2D Sketch Designing just by telling us your love stories and wedding ideas. Please email to with following information.
1) Subject of your wedding or cake topper.
2) Your love story, idea for cake topper or anything you want to share with other newlyweds and us.
3) Reference images include outfit for groom and bride, pets, vehicles, flowers, jewelry, hair bands, hairstyles…
Important Notice: Due to limited designing capability, we can only accept 50 FREE 2D sketch designing assignments per month, in order to meet requirement of the most needed newlyweds, we keep the right to reject application with too short stories and ideas, especial only one sentence idea like “I would like to get a baseball them cake topper.” We can’t make any unique design according to such short information. From our experience if your stories and ideas are longer than 400 words, the designs are usually fantastic and amazing. The more information you provide, the better design we can make to match your wedding and personality. All designs will be posted at our blog. We really appreciate for your participation.
free 2D sketch designing
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