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Service Process

Story After Placing Your Order
Recheck Photos
Step 1. We will recheck your photos to make sure they are good enough to start sculpting. Be sure to look at our Photo Guidelines before you email or upload your photos.
About skin and hair color, if we think there are great differences between ones you selected and those in your photos, we will make out some clay to get your approval. Since the colors on the figurine are not printed, they are natural ones of material. Once we complete the figurine, we can’t change those colors.

Proof 2D Drafts
Step 2. (*New added) Usually we design general pose first and then add more details and colors. Every step will get your approval and you may request any changes you want. We won't draw many details about heads at 2D drafts. The details of heads will be sculpted in 3D sculpting stage and get your approvals step by step as 2D designing stage. 2D drafts are mainly used for confirming pose, clothes and colors.
Important notice: Please check colors showed in final 2D drafts carefully, because when we move to 3D sculpting stage, those colors are not printed. They are natural ones of material. Once we finish figurines, we can't change colors. So please confirm main colors that you love.
Please be aware that it is only draft. Final product will be a little difference from 2D draft.
Following are some sample images of 2D drafts designing stage. You will know it better.

Sample of 2D Drafts

Proof Heads
The cake toppers are made of polymer clay which is soft before baking but after baking it will turn hard. Since likeness of heads is the most important part of figurines, we will send at least two images to get your approval.
Step 3-A. The first image is about bald heads. Notice: Here is the chance you may request any modifications about faces. Before baking, the faces are soft and can accept any changes you want. But after baking, they turn hard then we can't modify them. That is also why we don’t add hairs now. Hairs are too heavy that might destroy the shape of heads. Once you approve the bald heads, we will bake them and continue to add hairs.
Step 3-B. The second image is about hairs. If there are more than one hair styles in your photos, telling us which hair style you prefer in advance would be great appreciated. Same as the bald heads stage, once you approve the hairs, we will bake them and continue to sculpt more.
Following are some sample images of bald heads to help you know it better.

Sample of bald heads

Proof Bodies
Step 4. Now the bodies are complete, your order is almost done. We will send you an image of the bodies to get your approval. After your approval, we will connect heads to bodies first and then make a final baking. After final baking, we will pack them and prepare to ship. Notice: This step might be skipped for half-customized cake toppers, since the bodies of half-customized cake toppers are premade, modification cannot be done.
Following are some images of final product of the 2D draft showed in step 2.


Delivery to Your Door
Step 5. We deliver worldwide direct to your door. When your order is ready to ship, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking number. The standard EMS/USPS shipping time is 5-7 business days. The expedited FedEx/UPS shipping time is 3-4 business days. Please choose FedEx if you need your order to be delivered in 19 days.
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