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Return Policy

Return Policy
Your 100% satisfaction is our goal at However because of the fact that all of products are personalized and made to custom specifications, we cannot resell them to anyone else. So all sales and orders are FINALL, no refunds, no cancellations, no returns or no exchanges will be made for any reason.
We have more than 5 years experience specialized in Customized Cake Toppers and Customized Wedding Cake Toppers, we deeply know what are you concerned and how to make your cake topper perfect. Strict quality control and service process will be obeyed during the whole process. For completely customized cake toppers, we will design some 2D drafts to get your approval and then turn them into 3D figurines.
Remember, we are not just creating figurines for you, but also inviting you to enjoy the fun of the whole process. That is why we are called We will keep you update at the whole service. For completely customized cake toppers, at least 4 emails will be sent to let you proof every part of the cake topper. What to know how our customers review the update process? Please read the following.
I am very glad that we did business with your company. You are an incredible artist and we loved the final product. We also enjoyed the updates throughout the production, as well as your open mindedness in regards to our few modifications. Great job!!!
Thanks for your hard work! The cake topper was worth every penny.
Andreina and Peter
Our Guarantee
As long as you approve your cake topper 10 business days before your actual event date, we will guarantee that it will arrive in time. Otherwise, a refund (not include shipping fee) will be issued once we get your returned product.
We can only offer a refund in the case that
a) We get your approval email at least 10 business days before your event date and you received confirmation email which we received your approval;
b) You return the package, unopened, back to us immediately after the missed event date;
c) Deliver address you submitted is correct when you place your order;
d) Your order did not reach the post office nearest to your address or your actual address at least one day before your event AND the reason for its delay was not caused by a natural disaster or act of god.
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