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By: Christopher Manes

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True to their word

After a bit of electronic confusion with my email server, and the problem sorted out. The sketches they provided are great and they even went the extra mile with an idea for an extra piece that makes the item perfect!

I can't wait to see the final product, and will finish my review then.

Great job so far guys!

Christopher Manes

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    Additional review:------ 06/11/2015

    I just received my topper... you guys did an excellent job! I am so sorry for the issues in the beginning with email. Not only did you guys do a great job, but also got it to me faster than I anticipated. I love your idea of the additional bench for the figures to sit on - THAT IS ABSOLUTLEY AWESOME!

    I wish I could go back and CHANGE THE ORIGINAL RATING, as it certainly DOES NOT REFLECT the time, effort and commitment to making your customers happy! Please accept my apologies.

    I will certainly recommend you guys!

    Thank you for EVERYTHING!!
    5 STARS!!!
    Chris and Joe

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