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Sunday, 17 April 2011 16:10

A wedding is an occasion for you and your loved one to convey yourselves to become a family; that's why creative wedding ideas are ideal for keeping your friends and family talking after your big day. Throw away outdated ideas. Don't follow any regular path. Be creative and get your mind run wild to have your guest remembered the day for ever.

In order to help your plan your creative wedding, here we’ve collected a list of creative or unique wedding ideas to integrate into every element of your special day. General speaking, most of them are related to your personalities, styles, interests, habits, careers and more…

Creative Wedding Ceremony Ideas

  • Location: Backyard, beach, church are common wedding locations, they might be hard to be creative at these kinds of locations but you can still make them unique by adding some personalized decorations, such as personalized balloons, table centers… However there are indeed several unusual wedding locations, like yacht, rooftop, riverside…Let’s take river side for example. We had sculpted one boat cake topper at 2010; the couple planned their wedding ceremony at an amazing riverside and would like to row a boat to start their ceremony.

    CC0154-Wedding Cake Toppers Boat Theme

  • Refreshments: Utilize your location or the event as a chance to serve guests with a refreshing beverage. Hot tea and cool lemonade would be a good choice to quench your guests’ thirst, while hot apple cider might warm your guests up.

  • Vows: This may not be a new concept, but it must be the most creative way to make your wedding unique. Expressing your love by your own wedding vows or integrating your personalized wedding poems with your favorite wedding reading will embed your special love into everyone’s heart at your ceremony.

Creative Wedding Reception Ideas

  • Venue: Don’t limit by the banquet hall or the town in which you live now, you can try some creative venue or location such as your favorite vocation place or some locations which mean a lot to you. Step out of the bound of traditional wedding venue; walk outside to find some unique locations to turn your celebration to naturally unqiue venue. Your guests will appreciate to have such an unforgettable memory with you and your wedding.

  • Seating Arrangements: Arranging different style tables throughout the hall to add a creative feeling of your reception, or have your guests seated at long tables to accent the family touch.

Creative Wedding Decorations Ideasvolleyball-cake-topper design

Usually creative wedding decoration should match your wedding theme or other special aspects. For example, we have made one very special volleyball cake topper design before. The couple met on a beach playing volleyball 3 years ago. So they planned this special wedding. For the invitations to the cake, their entire wedding was all beach-themed with volleyball being incorporated as much as possible. Their centerpieces were even glass cylinders filled with shells collected from beside the beach volleyball court where they first met. Creative wedding decorations don’t mean pricy, but they do need imagination. Below are some creative wedding decoration ideas, hope these can bring your some inspirations.

  • Candle: If you plan to utilize candle as part of your wedding decoration, one creative idea is giving out each guest a candle at your reception or ceremony. Have guest shared stories with you when they light the candle. Throught this way they can not only bonds to you in the wedding, but also in your further life. Another idea is floating candles and multi-level candle tower. Putting them in shallow bowls or arranging multi-level candles on tiles or candle holders will bring elegance and lighting to your wedding.

  • Guest Books: Traditional guest book might be too normal, try to be creative. One idea is having a special T-shirt or canvas as guest book for your guests to sign. The advantage is the T-shirt will turn to be an unforgettable keepsake with all your guest best wishes. Another idea is have your bridesmaid or groomsman taking photo of each guest when they enter your reception hall, print the photo right away and have your guest sign the photo. By this way you can see every one of your guests. Even better you can put all the photos in an album to commemorate your big day after your wedding.floating candles

  • Bouquet: Have many single female guests in your ceremony and concern a war between them when you toss your bouquet? Try to think out a creative way to work out the problem. Multiple small bouquets might be good idea. They work perfect when holding them together as your bouquet throughout the ceremony, the best part is when you toss them behind your head, they can split into many small bouquets and fly to different places. Now your female friend needn’t to fight for the bouquet, most of them can get a small bouquet.

Creative Wedding Cake and Cake Topper Ideas

Being the centerpiece of your wedding reception, your cake should indicate your wedding theme or personality and represent your entire imagination. Consider the color, style, shape and adornments, you can start to design your creative wedding cake from above four aspects. Even you can adopt some very distinctive options – cupcakes. You can make them piled up on cake stands. One tier is fine but multiple tiers will look better.


As the main decoration of cakes, wedding cake toppers might add special touch on your cake and even the entire wedding. Creative wedding cake topper should reflect your wedding theme, personality, career, interest and even more. For example, if you plan a firefighter wedding theme, the following firefighter wedding cake topper will be a good choice for your theme. If you are a police officer, below police officer cake topper will match your career better. For more creative wedding cake topper ideas, please check our gallery here www.fundeliver.com.

CC0027-Police Cake Toppers CC0026-Fireman Cake Toppers

   Police Officer Wedding Cake Toppers                        Firefighter Cake Toppers

Tons of work needs to do when planning a wedding even if you follow a traditional route. For creative wedding idea, more energy and time will be spent, but this is worthy. Try to integrate one or two creative wedding ideas in your wedding, and you will be happy with all you did.

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