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Thursday, 31 March 2011 11:37

Spring is the most fashionable wedding season, therefore it's essential to have a good idea with the different spring wedding elements. There are several gorgeous spring wedding ideas to select from if you are arranging a special celebration in this season. From spring favors, dresses to decorations, we bring the most Inspirational spring ideas to help you plan your spring themed wedding better.spring wedding idea

Spring Wedding Invitations

Spring themed wedding invitations are the one of the first things you should take into consideration. In order to coordinate weddings with spring touch, usually bride and groom will add spring flowers, spring colors or spring scenery to accent spring influence. Recently many newlyweds tend to be choosing pocket invitations, since they are easy to add spring touches and also convenient to send to their guest. Another popular trend is DIY wedding invitations. Bride and groom can make their wedding invitations more unique by DIY their own spring wedding invitations.


Spring Wedding Dresses

Thanks to the great weather and ideal temperatures, there are many dress styles when you choose spring wedding dresses. Actually due to the perfect temperatures (not too hot and not too cold), most style dress are available for spring wedSpring-Wedding-dressding. The following are some popular ones.

  • Full length dresses
  • Line or princess line dresses
  • Full skirt or ballerina dresses
  • Long-sleeved wedding dresses
  • Short-Sleeved wedding dresses
  • Strapless neckline wedding Dresses
  • Column wedding dresses
  • Tea length dresses
  • Cocktail wedding dresses
  • Spaghetti straps wedding dresses
  • Sleeveless top wedding dresses

Not only dress styles, but also dress colors and texture you should pay attend when selecting your dresses. A spring wedding can concentrate on several popular spring colors such as green, blue, pink and yellow. So your dress colors should also follow the same path to match the main tone of your spring wedding. For dress texture, it depends on your wedding location, the temperature are wonderful in spring at most location, so you don’t need to choose some special dress texture, however if you reside in a fluctuating climate where temperatures of spring could vary 10-15 degrees Celsius (about 30 degrees Fahrenheit), then more versatile dress which can suit you in both cold and warm weather might be a better choice. The following are some main fabrics for spring wedding dress texture:spring-wedding-favors

  • Crepe
  • Charmeuse
  • Batiste
  • Georgette
  • Duchesse Satin
  • Damask

Spring Wedding Favors

Nowadays it is quite easy to prepare for spring wedding favors, you can find a great number of them from a multitude of merchants such as small retail stores, party planning warehouses, department stores and even online stores.

One featured but also popular spring wedding favors are seed packets. These seeds can mature wonderful symbols of the ever-blooming love which you share with your friends and relatives. When your guests return home and plant these seeds, they will be sowing your memories in hearts too. And even more you can choose special packet colors to match your spring wedding or attach some personalized labels with your names and date to accent your spring wedding.

Other ideas like sets of fruits, candle holders or card holders are also good for spring wedding favors. You can make them more nature spring mood by adding birds, butterflies, spring flowers, dragonflies. These can make them great gifts for spring wedding favors. Release your imaginations and be more creative to bring spring touch to your favors and gift, every cute part, like napkins and wine glasses with your logo could be great favors to adorn your spring wedding.

Spring Wedding Decorations

When selecting spring wedding decorations it is essential to match the nature of your decorations to the theme of the wedding. For example, a country club wedding might require elegant and tasteful decorations; however a casual wedding may be better adorned by casual wedding decorations. Thus, decorations for spring weddings should match spring nature.

Traditionally spring is combined with the starting of new life. Flowers start to bloom, along with and the earth waking from the long winter sleep. Everything seems to have a fresh start. The spring wedding should reflect this feature. Nowadays it is really easy to choose spring wedding decorations; there are a variety of them on the market such as wedding supply stores, department stores or party planning store. Common selections of spring wedding decorations include guest books, coasters, card holders, table decorations centerpieces and more. Some decorations are widely adopted at all seasons, you may need to add some kind of special spring touch on them, like adding green ribbons to reflect spring touch. You can even custom some decorations if your wedding theme is too special. For instance, if you have a spring camping theme wedding, the following camping theme cake topper might be a great choice to match your wedding.

CC0137-Camp Theme Cake Topper

 Camping Wedding Cake Topper

Weddings are absolutely magical activities. You can achieve the goal of having a special spring wedding by applying these above ideas. Just remember, don’t limit by your imaginations, try to make creative ways to plan your wedding unique and special. Have a great spring wedding!

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