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Saturday, 12 March 2011 18:04

summer-wedding-ideas Summer is the most wonderful time of the year. It offers the perfect chance to add warmth and colors to your wedding. The nice climate has no effect on your schemes of the event, and outdoor weddings come to be practical. Newlyweds can integrate many ideas to make it the perfect day of their life.

Summer Wedding Themes

Summer weddings are usually more popular due to their versatility in wedding ideas and themes during this period of the year. With the sufficiency of nature blossoming around, a fantastic summer wedding is less complicated to put together. Not to mention, the gorgeous cozy outdoor weather is definitely conducive to outdoor ceremonies and celebration. From beach theme reception in Hawaii to blooming flowers theme backyard ceremony, newlyweds will realized that themed summer weddings could make their entire nuptial unique and gorgeous.


Due to the versatility in summer wedding themes, the first thing you need to choose is the theme you want to pursue. However, there are too many ideas and themes to choose from, it is kind of hard to make such decision. The simplest starting point is your personal preferences. After all, your wedding ought to reveal your personal feelings and thoughts. If you and your love ones have same hobbies or other common activities relative to summer, they will be the ideal bridge to help you create themed weddings. For couple who has no common summer bond, a personalized summer themed wedding is still available. The following popular ideas might bring your some inspirations for your summer wedding.

Inspired by Mother Nature

Mother Nature presents an abundance of ideas and inspirations for a themed summer wedding. Combine rich green colors into your entire flower arrangements and consider the color for your wedding accessories. Obviously, there is nothing more "green" than giving a whole wedding which is eco-friendly by serving organic foods, putting on all-natural fabric bridal party dress, and offering recycled wedding favors.

Creatures, like butterflies, birds, and bees could also help to make great themes for weddings. Country elements, farming and gardening are also ideal idea to start summer wedding. With budget, location and weather permission, outdoor wedding like backyard wedding ideas, park wedding ideas are also good choice.

Summer beach wedding ideas

Even though you may not live on a seacoast, it doesn't mean you couldn't have a sandy summer beach wedding. A summer beach wedding is a lighthearted celebration. Family and friends can even go barefooted when they enjoy the sunshine at the same time witnessing your wedding reception and ceremony. It is up to your decision whether you choose a private or public beach setting as the wedding venue. No matter what kind of summer beach theme weddings you are planning, be sure to add some unique personal touch onto it. Wedding cake toppers are ideal way to make it out. If you plan a formal beach wedding, you can have your topper dressed with formal attire and integrate some beach elements, such as palm tree, tropical beverage with an umbrella, sandy and ocean base. These kinds of tropical wedding cake toppers will be a perfect match to your beach theme wedding. However if you don’t want to be that formal and prefer to a relaxing and funny wedding, just change a little bit of the design, tell us your idea, we can make your dream come true. The following images are our popular beach wedding cake toppers, just for your information.

CC0185-Tropical Wedding Cake Toppers CC0169-Beach Cake Toppers

   Tropical Wedding Cake Topper                       Beach Wedding Cake Topper

Garden wedding ideas

Garden wedding is becoming more and more popular recently. It is a quite romantic and soft setting within a nature-filled atmosphere. Plants and flowers accomplish the garden setting and are loved by guests witnessing the swap of vows between two hearts in love. Compared with a beach wedding, garden weddings are viewed as a more formal plus more stylish summer wedding theme.

Seeking the most suitable garden relies upon the quantity of guests you will probably have as well as the expense that you can invest in the wedding location. If you wish to get the arranging more enchanting and nature-inspired; attempt to decorate the garden with birds in cages. The chirping from the birds will prove to add a more natural mood that you would like to have for your wedding.

Color themed wedding ideas

Summer means that you can combine a lot of bright colors, it's best to pick from nature's palette and go with flower colors which make it easier to pick out the bouquet and the center pieces. The rich shades of reds, striking oranges, bold yellows and sky blues are ideal colors for a summer wedding and more exotic hues like ochre, teal and magenta are popular in the summer as well.

  • Other possible colors include:
  • Citrus inspired colors of bright fresh orange, lime green, yellow shades, vivid red or even pink grapefruit.
  • Greens compounded with vibrant flower colors such as yellow, white, purple and pink or foliage inspired colors of greens.
  • Rainbow inspired colors including red, blue, purple, yellow, aquamarine, pink, green and orange.
  • Beach inspired colors including white, beige, sand, sea green, cream or even silver.

Sport theme wedding ideas

Many couples are brought together by the common sporting activities. Regardless of what type of sports activities the newlyweds are into, you can transform it into a wedding theme easily. Popular sport theme wedding ideas include:

  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • ATV four wheeler
  • Volleyball
  • Motorcycling
  • Kayak

You can incorporate these recreational sporting activities into your ceremony or reception, or get them involved with your wedding accessories like wedding cake toppers. Actually sport theme wedding cake toppers are the best sell products at our shop. You can check the following images to know more about these sport cake toppers.

CC0120-ATV Cake Toppers CC0122-Kayak Cake Toppers

 ATV Four Wheeler Cake Topper                               Kayak Cake Topper

CC0180-Volleyball Cake Toppers CC0173-Motorcycle Wedding Cake Toppers

 Volleyball Wedding Cake Topper                                Motorcycle Cake Topper                

Endless Possibilities

There are endless possibilities to create summer wedding ideas. Just release your imagination; you can make your summer wedding unique and amazing. No matter what ideas you choose finally, try to make them reflect your personality, career, hobbies or anything you want. These can help you plan your biggest day perfect.

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