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Thursday, 10 March 2011 14:29

Christmas_wedding_ideas Weddings are fantastic festivities no matter what season they're organized for. Christmas weddings could be particularly mysterious with the enjoyment of the holiday season as well as the thrill of love! Regardless of whether you need a relaxed, fanciful wedding or perhaps a stylish holiday event, there are numerous ways to incorporate a Christmas theme within your wedding projects.

The Pros and Cons of Christmas wedding

The pros:

Many wedding venues treat winter season as "off season" then might provide greatly discount for equipment rentals, catering and other necessities. But it is not wise to plan your wedding right at Christmas, actually the closer wedding date is to Christmas holiday, the higher expenses might be since weddings could contend with holiday parties and other seasonal activities.


You can save a lot at decorations. Since many churches, halls, and other ideal venues will already be embellished with garlands, ribbon, lights and other accents, so you don't have to prepare that many decorations. However you must still realize that it is not quite good if wedding venue is greatly adorned for the holiday, they might be not quite suitable for a wedding, you must rearrange it to make those decorations matching your theme better.

The cons:

The weather is probably not what you expect. Actually, sometimes it could be too tough for wedding in northern climates, since it is too cold and snowy. Even an untimely storm could prevent your guests from travelling to your celebration. Another fact is that many people are unwilling to attend a Christmas wedding, because they prefer to celebrate their own holiday traditions.

Arranging a wedding near to Christmas might be viewed as inconsiderate as well as increasing guests' expenses, since traveling throughout the holiday season is unavoidably pricey. If a newlywed cautiously thinks about these kinds of possible problems and would like to organize an ideal Christmas wedding, there are numerous fantastic selections to pick out for each aspect of the celebration.

Ideas for a Christmas Wedding

As part of winter wedding ideas,most Christmas wedding themes are related to white, but there is definitely not your only choice. Actually there are many variations like the following themes.

  • Red and Green Theme Christmas Wedding: These classic Xmas colors are invariably popular for Christmas weddings and could end up being many different shades, from emerald jewel and ruby tones to more muted wine red and hunter green colorings.
  • The Elegant Themed Christmas Wedding: A stunning selection for a Christmas wedding is to try to get all the things very elegant and formal. Consider dark tie and evening gown and all sorts of elegance of a grand ball. You may adorn the wedding hall or church with white-colored lights and satin and deck the pews with silver ribbons.
  • Claus Couple Themed Christmas Wedding: Mr. and Mrs. Claus are definitely the ideal Christmas couple which can be displayed as part of the wedding accessories for a fancy touch.

Christmas Wedding Invitations

Most Christmas wedding invitations can be ordered from stationers, style like holiday cards printed with a classic winter scene, a pair of jingle bells, or snowflakes, all these are good choice for Christmas wedding invitations. If you have particular design in your minds, you can even custom them by yourself. Just prepare some normal shaped cards and your printer; you can custom any design for your own Christmas Wedding Invitations.

Christmas Wedding Dresseswhite-christmas-wedding-dresses

Christmas wedding gowns should mirror the season with heavier fabrics like satin, velvet and brocades. Usually pure green and red could be shunned when determining what to wear for a winter wedding, since guests may risk looking threadbare. However, a green or red gown coordinated with metallic add-ons, such as silver or gold, will probably be festive without overacting.

Christmas Wedding Flowers

Usually poinsettias are the first choice for Christmas wedding theme, but they are not the only one. Amaryllis, a tall, large-flowered plant which looks in vibrant reds and whites may possibly be another good selection. Normal flowers like holly or white and red roses can equally add elegant touch on your Christmas themed wedding with only one concern - don’t get them froze. These flowers don’t tend to survive long in cold winter.

Christmas Wedding Decorations

The principle of choosing proper Christmas wedding decorations is quite simple. Be sure to choose Christmas decorations to coordinate with your wedding theme. Follow this principle, garlands, candles and lighted trees are perfect choice for Christmas wedding decorations. Besides them, there are still many appropriate decorations such as glass ornaments, candy cane bouquets, gingerbread houses or miniature decorated trees.

Christmas Wedding Favors

Christmas wedding favors, as part of winter wedding favors, are ideal as giving gifts in a form created to warm the hearts and to stand for the sweetness of falling in love. Popular Christmas wedding favors include:

  • Snow styled small light favors
  • Snowflake ornament place card holder favors
  • Snowflake or snowman shaped chocolate or cookies
  • Double hearts style Christmas ornaments
  • Holiday candy jars with Christmas touchski-wedding-cake-and-toppers

Food Wedding Cake and Topper 

The largest expenditure on your wedding budget might be catering, including Christmas wedding menu and wedding cake. For menu, you can incorporate traditional holiday food such as ham or turkey dinner together with all the trimmings.

For Christmas wedding cakes, they are available in the market in many different sizes and shapes. You might design wedding cake shaped like a Christmas tree or make your cake to resemble a snow field with plenty of pure white icing or cream to symbolize a snow field. Snowflake wedding cakes are also fashionable for Christmas weddings, or a couple could go with a skier wedding cake with customized skier wedding cake topper. Actually similar couple skiing cake toppers are our hot sell products, you can check the following images to know better about these sport theme wedding cake toppers.


 CC0021-Ski Cake Toppers      CC0140-snowboard cake topper

Ski Cake Topper                                      Snowboard Cake Topper

CC0142-Skier Cake Toppers with Double Black Diamonds CC0133-couple skiing weding cake topper

Skier Wedding Cake Toppers                      Couple Skiing  Cake Toppers



skiing cake toppers

ski cake topper

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