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Saturday, 05 March 2011 15:42

fall-wedding Fall, what a gorgeous, fantastic period to get married! No matter whether you need your fall wedding to be formal, most casual or somewhere in between, you have a massive variety of possibilities. Also the best part is Mother Nature has already offered an amazing background, all you need is to coordinate your nuptials to your specified theme and Mother Nature.

Specializing a Fall Wedding Theme

The main advantage of planning a fall wedding is the natural landscape already contains the stunning seasonal touches to make your autumn wedding perfect. However it is also the main disadvantage. There are too many aspects to selection, if you want to get all aspects to be involved; your guests will be overwhelmed with a riot of color and harvest splendor. So narrow down your theme, choose a specified aspect of the season to specialize your fall wedding theme. The following are some popular options for reference.

  • Fall holiday theme like Halloween wedding or Thanksgiving wedding.
  • Leaves and foliage theme. Leaves and foliage are turning into an incredible array of colors to decorate your wedding, and also are good theme for a fall theme wedding.
  • Country or western themes that incorporate a deep rustic touch with fall accents.
  • Harvest or fruitfulness themes which could concentrate on typical fall produce, such as pumpkins, corns, apples.

Main Aspects of Fall Theme Wedding

The ideal weddings make use of several touches to convey the essence of the theme. A fall wedding could be a memorable and gorgeous event via coordinating the following aspects.


The most appropriate colors for fall weddings mirror the natural autumn. In order to pick colors easier, we subdivide fall into three periods; early fall, mid-fall and late fall. Throughout early fall, sunshine remains vibrant and bright so the most desirable colors to select could be those that will match the season's warmth. Most widely used fall wedding colors during this period would be deep purple, burgundy, shades of red combined with a hint of bright yellow, marigold, green and ivory or cream. If your wedding is scheduled at mid-fall, colors might be different from the bright colors and concentrate on burning orange, metallic colors, brown hues etc. Spice up these shades by adding tinges of wine, sage green, peach or red. Basically, during this period of the season colors which illustrate elegance and romance are the best option. For late fall weddings, colors may range from vivid or deep colors to soothing neutrals.

Food and Cake

ATV Four Wheeler Cake Toppers

The menu of fall wedding normally contains the exceptional tastes and spices of the season. According to your preferences, you can add any seasonal produce to fall wedding menu, such as roast turkey, fresh pies, mashed potatoes, hot teas, sweet potatoes, cider, pumpkin in either pie or even soup, fresh fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget the most important food - wedding cake. It is going to the wealth of the season, and might be embellished with the seasonal flavors, like apple spice, cinnamon.

If you arrange a groom’s cake, the decorations and wedding cake topper should highlight the groom’s personality, career and favorite activities. They should also reflect fall wedding theme, but you don’t have to make all your cake and cake decoration with fall touch, just one is enough. For example, the following product is one of our client’s design. The groom is a crazy ATV fan. They would like to have one 4 wheeler almost completely submerged in mud with groom on the bike. Then have bride on her ATV pulling him out. For the cake, they didn’t make a traditional cake option, but make a plate of brown brownie with chocolate icing on it to add fall touch. What an amazing fall wedding cake topper design.

 CC0120-ATV Four Wheeler Wedding Cake Toppers 


          ATV Four Wheeler Wedding Cake Topper

Groom’s favorite team and Alma Mater are also good ideas for wedding cake topper design. Just release your imagination, tell us your idea, we can make your idea come truth.

 CC0119-UD Theme Wedding Cake Toppers CC0134-Baltimore Orioles cake toppers

       University of Delaware Cake Topper         Phillies and Baltimore Orioles Cake Topper


As with any seasonal weddings, the autumn wedding has its own one of a kind flowers selections. Add twigs, grain stalks, leaves, and other natural autumn touches to your wedding to accommodate the most gorgeous fall color choices.


It is easy to find fall wedding favors, since any favor can be coordinated for fall wedding. Just adding proper tag or colored ribbon, you can convey fall feeling into any favors. The listed below are some great fall wedding favors for your information.

  • Autumn Leaves Bookmark Favors
  • Fall Candle Wedding Favors
  • Packets of hot cider or tea
  • Fall Impressions Glass Photo Coasters
  • Small wine wedding favors
  • Leaf-shaped chocolate favors


It could be easy or complicate when decorating your fall wedding, depending on your desires. Just follow one rule when you fulfill your decorating plan – make sure all decorations coordinate your theme and colors. Simple ideas consist of adding piles of pumpkins, corn stalks, or hay bales and squashes to fall wedding setting. While elaborate adornments might incorporate hurricane lamps to protect raffia bows, leaf garlands, and pillar candles. Table linens and centerpieces should be match fall colors and them. You can even custom table centerpieces like adding personal tag to make your wedding more unique.

Some cake toppers are also good choices for table centerpieces as the following.

CC0145-Groom Playing Xbox 360 Cake Topper CC0101-Musicians Wedding Cake Toppers

                 Xbox Wedding Cake Topper                           Musicians Wedding Cake Topper

More Fall Wedding Ideas

All above major factors of f wedding can be easily got involved to fall wedding theme. There are still smaller accents that should be took care to make a better fall theme wedding.

  • Fall theme invitations: Fall landscape printed invitations are always a good selection, and you can even add a colored leaf to accent the touch.
  • Fall theme Lighting: Warm lighting standing for harvest could add a special taste on your fall them wedding.
  • Fall wedding Location: Backyard, vineyard, orchard or other rustic setting could be nice locations. After all, Mother Nature has already made gorgeous setting in such locations.
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