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Thursday, 03 March 2011 17:59

back-yard-wedding-ideasProbably the most remarkable occasion in a couple's life is their wedding. Have you ever thought that you can enjoy this special event right in your backyard? This blog includes things like inspiring backyard wedding ideas to assist you to organize an ideal backyard wedding, such as backyard planning tips, backyard wedding decorations and themes.

Why choose a backyard wedding

Generally speaking, there are three main reasons to have a backyard wedding.

  • Backyard weddings could be a cost-saving way for other wedding idea. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to book a church or a resort. Just your own backyard might work.
  • Backyard weddings might be less stressful than celebrations at other formal locations. If you prefer a relaxed, informal wedding, backyard wedding might be a better choice.
  • Backyard wedding could be a more realistic solution if some of your family members are in special condition. For example, if their parents can't go for long trip for medical or financial reasons, a backyard wedding will ensure they are able to be a part of the celebrations from beginning to end.

Pickup a proper backyard

It’s not all backyards suitable for a wedding. You must take the following factors in consideration when planning a backyard wedding.

  • Size: The size of yard is depending on your requirement. If you just want to organize the ceremony on your yard and your guest list is not quite long, then a small yard will be fine. However if you plan the whole event including ceremony, reception on the yard, a larger one might be better.
  • Weather: It is the most unpredictable factor. If it always rains at your region, renting a tent, multiple umbrellas might be a good idea.
  • Terrain: Smooth, large yards are ideal for wedding. If the yard is uneven, steeply sloped, or stuffed with obstacles, it might not feel that good.
  • Pets: Not only should the home's pets be well behaved for the wedding, but also a neighborhood pet should be arranged properly. It might be a good idea to send your pet away for that day to ensure guests are not disturbed. Or at least have them on a leash.
  • Neighbors: Get your neighbors permission before planning your backyard wedding. Most neighbors are going to be understanding an at home wedding, however it is still wise to speak to them before making firm plans.

Decorating and Preparing the Yard

According to the objects, there are two kinds of decoration and preparation – long term and short term. Long term is refer to natural parts like grass, plants and flowers, preparations might start weeks or months before the wedding to ensure it will be a gorgeous place for wedding. You should pay attention to the following tips:

  • Keep trees, hedges and flower beds carefully weeded and trimmed.
  • Think about sowing annual blossoms in beds, window boxes, urns, or other planters to match the wedding colors.
  • Schedule appropriate lawn care, especially fertilization and weed control, to keep the grass healthy.
  • Fix and clear fences, patios, decks, and other backyard features.

Short term preparation is refer to wedding accessories, decorations and more. Usually these could be organized 1-5 days before your wedding. You’d better take the below into consideration.

  • Build and decorate a wedding arch or a gazebo. A couple framed by a elegant decorated gazebo or wedding arch in background is a picture perfect setting.
  • Rent a tent, multiple umbrellas, or canopies to supply sufficient shade when your wedding is planned in hot summer, also they can provide adequate shelter at rainy season.
  • Hang bows, ribbons, garlands, or flower pots from trees, windowsills, gates, fences, gutters, railings, or garden hooks. If your party starts at evening, you need to accent with Lights like hanging rope lights to arches, windows, and doorways.
  • Arrange additional power for the need of artificial lighting, musicians and entertainers. If regular power supply is not available, a generator may be required.
  • Decorate the aisle area with a runner or scattered flower petals to add a special touch on your wedding.
  • Put the wedding cake table under the protection of the tent on a stable table. Decorate your wedding cake with special cake topper. Based on your style, if you plan a formal wedding, you can choose a cake topper in formal wedding dress and tuxedo. But if you prefer a casual wedding, wedding cake toppers with casual outfit would be better.

CC0162-Wedding Cake Topper with Child CC0137-Camp Theme Cake Topper

       Family Wedding Cake Topper                            Camping Wedding Cake Topper  

Appropriately organized, well prepared and embellished backyard wedding could be a stunning as well as significant event. Hope this blog can help you plan your backyard wedding better.

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