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Thursday, 24 February 2011 13:22

So are you considering a beach wedding in Hawaii, Mexico or in the Caribbean? Absolutely nothing is more particular or unforgettable than having your wedding on a beach. A number of couples who choose to get married on the beach do it for that very reason; it's something extraordinary. Something you and your guests will definitely keep in mind.

Here are some tips to help you plan your beach theme wedding better.

Wedding Location

The most important thing you ought to do is decide on a destination. There are numerous issues you should take into consideration when choosing an ideal location. Expense could possibly be the first thing in your concerns. Hawaii will be more expensive than Mexico. But Mexico might be more expensive than the California coast. Also expense is significant for you as well as your guests. The more expensive, the fewer guests you will have. Next think about what activities and amenities are available for you and your guests. Are you selecting an all-inclusive resort? Or will there be an abundance of shopping, restaurants, club services and sports and entertainment for your guests? Pay attention to your destinations page to start your planning. If you don't have any idea where you could possibly go, it could be overwhelming. Our advice is to narrow it down to 3-4 locations and then start to excavate to the details.

Beach Themed Wedding Invitations

Regardless if you are swapping vows on the beach aided by the tone of the waves behind you, or you are getting married elsewhere but once you decide on a beach theme for your wedding, an ideal beach wedding invitations are very important to the entire ambiance of your wedding. The following ideas are some popular ones.bottle-invitations

  • Bottle Invitations: Have you ever heard that  tale “Floating Bottle”? Bottles are very popular for  wedding invitations. They can be a simple image on your invitation, or based on your budget, actual bottles with invitation inside.
  • Invitations with Beach Graphics: A graphic of a seascape, starfish, and palm tree leaves no doubt as to the beach them of your wedding.
  • Invitations with an Aquatic: An image of two dolphins revealing a diamond ring or bubble of light is certain to present your guests the sense you would like to attain.

Remember the fact that your beach wedding invitation can reflect the enjoyment and enchanting elements during the day. Similar to the wedding dress as well as the groom's apparel, the perfect beach wedding invitations is going to coordinate the tone and style of your wedding and definitely will take advantage of beach colors and fonts that are laid-back or elegant with a light touch.


Beach Wedding Dresses and Grooms Attire

Wherever you choose for your beach themed wedding location, they all have one thing in common. They are all warm to hot which can play merry hell along with your selection of beach wedding apparel. It isn't really suitable having on stunning gown only to have horrible wet spots from heat induced sweat ruining the look and all the beach wedding photographs. Thus dress yourself in something appropriate and select the cooler morning or late afternoon for the beach wedding ceremony. Wear something light and loose in natural materials, for example natural cotton, and for the men (who sweat more) try to wear under vests to absorb sweat and they can also keep you feeling cooler and dryer during your whole wedding. Keep in mind that formal doesn't necessarily equate to fussy and fancy and it ought not for a beach wedding. A beach wedding, whether formal or casual needs a lighter feel. For instance, a Cinderella wedding dress might not give good results, but a strapless silk sheath might. The slip gown is usually a popular option for beach weddings, as are halter, strapless as well as sarong style gowns.

Beach Theme Wedding Favors

A beach wedding connotes photographs of blue as well as turquoise seas, white-colored sandy seashores, palm trees and flip flop, particularly when the wedding location is a place like the Caribbean, Mexico or Hawaii. Your favors could possibly play on this angle. Below are some popular beach wedding favors, hope these can bring you some inspirations.

  • Beach flip flop place card holders

The greatest part about these favors is they can show your wedding guests where to be seated and they also become some extremely attractive and wonderful wedding favors. These are typically purchased in pairs and when put on your reception tables they will definitely enhance the beach touch you are seeking.

  • Personalized Photo Frame Favors

Believe or not, the best way to remind your guests of their beach experience is beach-theme photo frame. Whether it is seashells, seaside balls, or coconuts, these kinds of beach theme wedding favors put together the common emblems of a beach with any photo of their choice. Without doubt they will snap many photos at your wedding which will remind them of the fantastic time amongst friends and family.

  • Sea shell openers

These types of favors are very reasonable in price and they also have function to them. Your guests are able to use these bottle openers during your wedding when there on the beach to pop some tops. These are truly interesting as well as helpful favors for your beach wedding.

Beach Themed Wedding Cakes and Cake Toppers

Wedding cakes that have a beach theme can be anything from incredibly elegant to just-plain-fun, with a whole lot in between. The most pivotal of a wedding cake is the 'look and feel' that you want your beach wedding cake to convey! The list below is typical beach cake ideas for reference.

  • Surf Cakes
  • Sand Cakes
  • Sea Shell Cakes
  • Tropical Cakes
  • Palms and Coconut Cakes
  • Ocean Activity Cake
  • Nautical Cakes
  • Hawaiian Cakes

However your cake is incomplete without cake toppers, they can come in all shapes and designs. But the most important thing is cake toppers should match your cake, wedding, even your personality. For example, if you have a surfing cake and your wedding is a casual one, full of fun and laugh. And you want to win a great laugh when your guests look at your wedding cake topper, so what is your best choice? The following one might be your best choice.

CC0169-Beach Cake Toppers

Beach Wedding Cake Topper with Bride Lying on a Surfboard

Our job is to make the best match toppers to reflect your theme, personality, career  and more…If you have any unique idea, feel free to send us an email. Also hope the following beach wedding cake toppers can bring your some ideas for your wedding.    

CC0132-South Park Cake Topper CC0018-Surfing Cake Toppers

South Park Cartman & Butters Cake Topper                   Surfer Wedding Cake Topper  

  CC0185-Tropical Wedding Cake ToppersCC0179-Diving Cake Toppers

             Beach Wedding Cake Topper                        Scuba Diving Wedding Cake Topper

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