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Baseball Theme Wedding Planing Tips E-mail
Friday, 18 February 2011 09:59

Today let's talk about baseball theme wedding. Baseball, as an all-American favorite, is loved by people of all ages. Regardless of whether watching it on television, or just enjoying catch in your garden, or becoming a member of small league to professional league, baseball is really a major part of numerous individuals way of life.
Thus for the supreme baseball lovers, why not get baseball involved in your wedding? You don't have to make every detail of your wedding relative to baseball, just some small parts will add a special baseball touch. Here are several tips to assist you to brainstorm for your own baseball themed wedding.Baseball Ticket Invitaion
1)    Invitations. They might be the first thing coming to the wedding plan, but also might be the most interesting part. You could have custom wedding invitations created to resemble tickets. The most simple baseball theme invitation is to choose your favorite ticket, replace the "SEC ROW SEAT"  to your wedding "Month Day and Year", and sign your names and description about your wedding then it is done. If this is too simple for a wedding, you can add baseball themed ribbon, scrapbook paper, or stickers to make it more beautiful. All these work can be done by online merchants who offer customized printing of tickets for weddings. Of course , if your budget is limited, it can be done by yourself with your computer and printer.
2)    Wedding outfit. You can directly choose your favorite baseball team's jerseys as wedding outfit. If this is too casual, you can still keep traditional style of wedding gown or tuxedo, but change colors to your team's. Or keep the style and color of wedding outfit as traditional one, but have your bridesmaids and groomsmen's outfit relative to your team.
3)    Food and favors. Baseball shaped chocolates or key chains shaped as baseball bats might be a good idea for favors. For food, cookies shaped as baseballs are yummy treats. Peanuts, popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs; all your favorite baseball stadium foods can also be present.

4)    Accessories. Rather than a guest book, consider getting your guests sign baseballs or a jersey with your name and wedding year as the number which you can later display in your home. Alternative methods to subtly combine baseball into your ceremony include having the ring bearer carry a baseball glove instead of a pillow and having both the flower girl and  bearer wear baseball hats.
5)    Wedding cake. Don't forget the most important thing- wedding cake. Nothing could be more important than a baseball or small baseball field shaped cake for baseball theme wedding. If you prefer classical wedding cake, you can still choose some baseball theme accessories to adorn your cake, like cake toppers. One common design of cake topper is groom pitching a baseball to the bride and bride holding a baseball bat ready to hit the home run.
You can also custom the cake topper or figurine to be dressed in your favorite team's jersey or uniform to incorporate your best love sport in your ceremony. The following are some samples, hope these can bring your some inspirations.

CC0141-baseball cake toppersCC0127-white sox wedding cake toppers

Phillies Baseball Wedding Cake Topper     Cubs and White Sox Wedding Cake Topper

CC0153-St Louis Cardinals Wedding Cake ToppersCC0019-New York Yankees Wedding Cake Toppers

St Louis Cardinals Baseball Cake Topper     Red Sox & Yankees Baseball Cake Topper

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