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Creative Wedding Ideas E-mail
Sunday, 17 April 2011 16:10

A wedding is an occasion for you and your loved one to convey yourselves to become a family; that's why creative wedding ideas are ideal for keeping your friends and family talking after your big day. Throw away outdated ideas. Don't follow any regular path. Be creative and get your mind run wild to have your guest remembered the day for ever.

In order to help your plan your creative wedding, here we’ve collected a list of creative or unique wedding ideas to integrate into every element of your special day. General speaking, most of them are related to your personalities, styles, interests, habits, careers and more…

Creative Wedding Ceremony Ideas

  • Location: Backyard, beach, church are common wedding locations, they might be hard to be creative at these kinds of locations but you can still make them unique by adding some personalized decorations, such as personalized balloons, table centers… However there are indeed several unusual wedding locations, like yacht, rooftop, riverside…Let’s take river side for example. We had sculpted one boat cake topper at 2010; the couple planned their wedding ceremony at an amazing riverside and would like to row a boat to start their ceremony.

    CC0154-Wedding Cake Toppers Boat Theme

  • Refreshments: Utilize your location or the event as a chance to serve guests with a refreshing beverage. Hot tea and cool lemonade would be a good choice to quench your guests’ thirst, while hot apple cider might warm your guests up.

Spring Wedding Ideas E-mail
Thursday, 31 March 2011 11:37

Spring is the most fashionable wedding season, therefore it's essential to have a good idea with the different spring wedding elements. There are several gorgeous spring wedding ideas to select from if you are arranging a special celebration in this season. From spring favors, dresses to decorations, we bring the most Inspirational spring ideas to help you plan your spring themed wedding better.spring wedding idea

Spring Wedding Invitations

Spring themed wedding invitations are the one of the first things you should take into consideration. In order to coordinate weddings with spring touch, usually bride and groom will add spring flowers, spring colors or spring scenery to accent spring influence. Recently many newlyweds tend to be choosing pocket invitations, since they are easy to add spring touches and also convenient to send to their guest. Another popular trend is DIY wedding invitations. Bride and groom can make their wedding invitations more unique by DIY their own spring wedding invitations.

Summer Wedding Ideas E-mail
Saturday, 12 March 2011 18:04

summer-wedding-ideas Summer is the most wonderful time of the year. It offers the perfect chance to add warmth and colors to your wedding. The nice climate has no effect on your schemes of the event, and outdoor weddings come to be practical. Newlyweds can integrate many ideas to make it the perfect day of their life.

Summer Wedding Themes

Summer weddings are usually more popular due to their versatility in wedding ideas and themes during this period of the year. With the sufficiency of nature blossoming around, a fantastic summer wedding is less complicated to put together. Not to mention, the gorgeous cozy outdoor weather is definitely conducive to outdoor ceremonies and celebration. From beach theme reception in Hawaii to blooming flowers theme backyard ceremony, newlyweds will realized that themed summer weddings could make their entire nuptial unique and gorgeous.

Fall Wedding Ideas E-mail
Saturday, 05 March 2011 15:42

fall-wedding Fall, what a gorgeous, fantastic period to get married! No matter whether you need your fall wedding to be formal, most casual or somewhere in between, you have a massive variety of possibilities. Also the best part is Mother Nature has already offered an amazing background, all you need is to coordinate your nuptials to your specified theme and Mother Nature.

Specializing a Fall Wedding Theme

The main advantage of planning a fall wedding is the natural landscape already contains the stunning seasonal touches to make your autumn wedding perfect. However it is also the main disadvantage. There are too many aspects to selection, if you want to get all aspects to be involved; your guests will be overwhelmed with a riot of color and harvest splendor. So narrow down your theme, choose a specified aspect of the season to specialize your fall wedding theme. The following are some popular options for reference.

Winter Wedding Ideas E-mail
Sunday, 06 March 2011 18:48

winter-wedding-ideas Although it is not as popular as other seasons, winter still could be a wonderful time to have a wedding. With appropriate organization, winter weddings could be just as stunning as spring, summer and fall weddings. Here are some ideas and suggestion to help you plan a perfect winter wedding.

Advantage of Winter Wedding

Compare to other seasons, below are the three main advantages to have a winter wedding.

  • During winter, wedding vendors usually are not quite busy. You can book your favorite videographer, DJ, photographer and florist much easier.
  • It is also easier to book wedding venues at winter. Venues like private estates, inns, country clubs and anywhere that could provide you a winter wonderland background for your winter theme wedding.
  • Your wedding budget could be extended a great deal during winter. It might be a cost-saving way to have a winter theme wedding. Because wedding suppliers and wedding venue are less busy in winter, you could be able to get a great deal at a large discount. Don’t be hesitate to ask for an off season discount, many vendors are likely to agree your request to fill their off season gap.
Baseball Theme Wedding Planing Tips E-mail
Friday, 18 February 2011 09:59

Today let's talk about baseball theme wedding. Baseball, as an all-American favorite, is loved by people of all ages. Regardless of whether watching it on television, or just enjoying catch in your garden, or becoming a member of small league to professional league, baseball is really a major part of numerous individuals way of life.
Thus for the supreme baseball lovers, why not get baseball involved in your wedding? You don't have to make every detail of your wedding relative to baseball, just some small parts will add a special baseball touch. Here are several tips to assist you to brainstorm for your own baseball themed wedding.Baseball Ticket Invitaion
1)    Invitations. They might be the first thing coming to the wedding plan, but also might be the most interesting part. You could have custom wedding invitations created to resemble tickets. The most simple baseball theme invitation is to choose your favorite ticket, replace the "SEC ROW SEAT"  to your wedding "Month Day and Year", and sign your names and description about your wedding then it is done. If this is too simple for a wedding, you can add baseball themed ribbon, scrapbook paper, or stickers to make it more beautiful. All these work can be done by online merchants who offer customized printing of tickets for weddings. Of course , if your budget is limited, it can be done by yourself with your computer and printer.
2)    Wedding outfit. You can directly choose your favorite baseball team's jerseys as wedding outfit. If this is too casual, you can still keep traditional style of wedding gown or tuxedo, but change colors to your team's. Or keep the style and color of wedding outfit as traditional one, but have your bridesmaids and groomsmen's outfit relative to your team.
3)    Food and favors. Baseball shaped chocolates or key chains shaped as baseball bats might be a good idea for favors. For food, cookies shaped as baseballs are yummy treats. Peanuts, popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs; all your favorite baseball stadium foods can also be present.

Christmas wedding ideas E-mail
Thursday, 10 March 2011 14:29

Christmas_wedding_ideas Weddings are fantastic festivities no matter what season they're organized for. Christmas weddings could be particularly mysterious with the enjoyment of the holiday season as well as the thrill of love! Regardless of whether you need a relaxed, fanciful wedding or perhaps a stylish holiday event, there are numerous ways to incorporate a Christmas theme within your wedding projects.

The Pros and Cons of Christmas wedding

The pros:

Many wedding venues treat winter season as "off season" then might provide greatly discount for equipment rentals, catering and other necessities. But it is not wise to plan your wedding right at Christmas, actually the closer wedding date is to Christmas holiday, the higher expenses might be since weddings could contend with holiday parties and other seasonal activities.

Backyard Wedding Ideas E-mail
Thursday, 03 March 2011 17:59

back-yard-wedding-ideasProbably the most remarkable occasion in a couple's life is their wedding. Have you ever thought that you can enjoy this special event right in your backyard? This blog includes things like inspiring backyard wedding ideas to assist you to organize an ideal backyard wedding, such as backyard planning tips, backyard wedding decorations and themes.

Why choose a backyard wedding

Generally speaking, there are three main reasons to have a backyard wedding.

  • Backyard weddings could be a cost-saving way for other wedding idea. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to book a church or a resort. Just your own backyard might work.
  • Backyard weddings might be less stressful than celebrations at other formal locations. If you prefer a relaxed, informal wedding, backyard wedding might be a better choice.
  • Backyard wedding could be a more realistic solution if some of your family members are in special condition. For example, if their parents can't go for long trip for medical or financial reasons, a backyard wedding will ensure they are able to be a part of the celebrations from beginning to end.

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