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Let Cake Toppers Be the Talking Point of Your Wedding E-mail
Thursday, 03 June 2010 05:33

If you are arranging a wedding, you should take care of many things, not only the marriage ceremony and the reception. Generally speaking, it can't be called a wedding without the following three elements- bride, groom and wedding cake.

From the three elements, you should know the importance of wedding cake. It is a traditional part of your ceremony, not just a 'party food'. A kind of special feeling is added when the bride and groom cut the first piece of cake and symbolically offer each other a bite.

Obviously you should think over the style and design of your cake few weeks before your wedding. And not only should the cake be your prudential consideration, but also the cake topper. Yes, cake tops are not strictly required and you could do without them. But they are indeed unique talking point about your personality and taste. Your wedding would be absolute different from others with these unique cake toppers. In the meanwhile, many years ago it was unthinkable having a wedding cake without a cake top.

But do you the know the origin of cake topper and why people prefer to put them on their cake?

It starts with a beautiful tale that a baker created a symbol of the unflinching love between her and the groom, for the world to see. Although it's really hard to figure out when exactly wedding toppers entered the slew of wedding custom, people believe the tale is the origin of wedding cake toppers. From then the tradition has passed down generation and generation. Since people accept the good wishes in the tale and would like to add these wishes in their wedding.

Now when you know the origin of cake tops, what kind of topper would you like to choose?

Luckily now there are wide range selections of wedding toppers in the market. From funny to elegant, any style, any design of wedding toppers can be found to match your wedding.

If you are a serious person, a traditional topper might be a good choice for you. But if you want a relaxed wedding and make your guests chuckle, a comical wedding cake topper may be more appropriate. Or, if you have a theme wedding then picking toppers to support your theme is a key point. For instance, there is nothing better than bride and groom figurines wearing outfits of diver for a diving theme wedding.

Basic principal, be sure that your toppers match the design of cake and wedding theme, let the artistry of your cake speak for itself and be the unique talking point of your wedding.

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