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Wednesday, 02 June 2010 16:55

The great day is coming! You are going to be the most beautiful bride in the world. You want a unique wedding that can reflect your personality and feeling? Then you begin to spend lots of time choosing wedding dress, wedding favor, and wedding bouquet. Don't forget one small but meaningful thing - wedding cake topper! Recently customized cake topper has become more and more popular, little figures of the newlyweds with funny or elegant pose can be a sparkled point at the ceremony and also an adorable keepsake after that. A fantastic wedding topper can be a great talking point, and will remind you of the wonderful occasion every time you see it.

Nowadays, ordering a customized cake topper from Internet has been very popular. There are lots of suppliers offering different kinds of toppers such as monogram toppers, clay toppers and more... Actually there are too many of them that you have to spend hours to choose the right one. Here are some tips on how to choose your customized toppers.

Basic principal, Let the customized wedding toppers match your wedding, your personality or the special thing you want to memorize. And take a look around the market; get a general idea about the existing product. You are going to spend lots of money to custom your own topper; you don't want it to be similar to the existing product, right? If so, that would be a great waste of money.

Second choosing a material you love. You may wonder why need pay attention to material? Since sometimes styles of toppers depend on the material. For example if you want to custom cute animal theme toppers, then paper clay or fabric would work perfect on your requirement, other materials such as glass or porcelain might not work that good. Cute and lovely feeling may not be expressed fully by glass or porcelain.

At last, tell the artist or craftsman what you want details, write an instruction for your toppers as detailed as possible. You can even tell them the reason why you want to custom the cake topper, these can help them catch the unique meaning of the cake toppers and often that would be a great help for making the toppers.

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