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How to Customize Your Wedding Cake Toppers to Resemble You E-mail
Wednesday, 02 June 2010 16:51

Have you noticed the recently new about Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone? Not to mention the factics of news, the few snapshots published do revealed a trend about wedding cake toppers- two customized figurines look just like the couple. As snapshots of Marc Jacobs's ceremony, the customized wedding cake toppers dashed Lorenzo in a tux and Jacobs shirtless, in all his tattooed glory.

Do you want to follow the trend to get a similar topper as Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone's? Oh, wait, buying these kinds of wedding toppers is totally different from other normal ones. Since they are handmade, you must follow a certain rule to get a satisfied one. Here are some tips telling you how to choose.


First, choose a good supplier. You must be aware that these toppers are full handmade. So only skilled supplier can make your toppers perfect. But how to judge whether a supplier is good a bad? The answer is checking their service process. Asking whether they provide 2D drafts designing service before they start to sculpt your figurines, whether they send you images to let your proof the likeness and how many modification request can be accepted. All above is good way to figure out a good supplier.

Second, choose a style you love. Usually customized topper is pricey. In order to offer different selection for their customers, suppliers often provide two series. One is half premade figurines, another is fully custom ones. Half premade figurines are cheaper, the heads will be sculpted to resemble you, but the bodies are premade, you can't change them. If you do want to custom bodies, a fully custom cake topper will work for you. You can specify anything and let the artist sculpt for you.

At last, take good photos. Good figurines depend on the photos you provide. The better the photo, the better the likeness will be; after all, you are creating a three dimensional figurine! So check their photo guidelines carefully and do it strictly as supplier required.

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