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Saturday, 26 February 2011 17:37

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When we got many inquiries about redneck wedding cake toppers, we found we made a completely misunderstanding about redneck wedding, so this blog is released to help us and some of our readers to re-understand these redneck wedding ideas.fishing-wedding-cake-topper

Redneck Stereotype

Previously, in our mind (also in Wikipedia definition), redneck is a historically derogatory slang term to refer to working class Southerners in America. It is similar in meaning to "cracker", "hillbilly" and "white trash", and utilized in an insulting manner by the majority of people. That is the origin of our misunderstanding.

New Meaning of Redneck

However times change, especial when an important television series My Big Redneck Wedding is greatly loved by many people, new meaning is added to redneck wedding. The show outlines country newlyweds who organize over-the-top, country-western style weddings. The lovers proudly celebrate their down-home traditions by getting hitched on horseback, swapping vows with the aid of ordained ex-cons, or hosting mud-wrestling competitions throughout the reception. Baked beans, roast squirrel, and turkey testicles make for finger-licking meals. Relatives and guests promote the joyful fun by purchasing special underwear for the bride or arranging shotgun salutes.


It is really hard to put precise words on the new meaning of redneck wedding, so try to find the common point of the following words, you might get the spirit. They are country-western style, rustic eccentricities and down-home heritage.

Redneck Wedding Cake Toppers Style

The styles of redneck wedding cake toppers are various depending on the newlywed’s cake, habits, interests and personality. So what is redneck to one person is not necessarily redneck to another. But there are some typical redneck themes as the following:

  • Hunting or fishing, such as camouflage, animal heads or antlers
  • Shotgun salute or guns, knives and other weaponry
  • Mattress Surfing or mud wrestling
  • Monster trucks or motorcycles
  • Toilet or bathroom humor
  • Meat or barbeque theme
  • Duct tape or tools

Arranging a particular item from above list doesn’t mean it is regarded as redneck cake topper. The layout and necessary accessories play a pivotal role in creating a redneck cake topper. For instance, a clay bride and groom figurine riding a motorbike is marvelous for a sport wedding and not redneck in the slightest. However, dress the bride in a short leather skirt, the groom in camouflage outfit and cigarettes in their hand, and then you get a redneck topper.

Buy or Make Redneck Cake Toppers

Compare to traditional cake toppers, it might be harder to find redneck cake toppers. The more special design you want, the harder it can be found. If your design is too unique, the best way is to custom cake topper. The following sketch is the recent design we made for one of our clients. They would like bride hair down and wavy in a white dress with a camo garter with her hunting bow in hand and a fishing pole nearby and groom on his horse roping bride.  redneck-wedding-cake topper 

Hunting and Horse Roping Redneck Topper

However price of customized cake toppers are usually kind of high, if you are on a limited budget, you can make it by yourself. Redneck toppers are often made with modeling chocolate or sculpting fondant. Figures are molded into the shapes needed and details are added using edible paint. Hope these can help you find the best redneck wedding cake toppers to match your wedding. Good luck!

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