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Military Wedding Cake Toppers – A Proud Choice for Soldiery E-mail
Thursday, 03 June 2010 11:01

marine wedding cake toppersThe times change. Now newlyweds are no longer limited by the customs and traditions that ruled the arrangements for their parents' wedding, they can plan their wedding in any style they love. Many people are trying to arrange their wedding to reflect their own personalities and career. But what about those couples who are in the military?

There is no doubt that it is the greatest honor to serve your country by being in the military. So why not bring or combine the special honor to your wedding? Now you are not only protecting your homeland, but also guarding your loved one and your life…

First of all, planning a military wedding is not that hard as your imagination. It has the same basic elements as traditional white wedding in terms of the format of the wedding and the following reception. You can add special military taste by just paying attention to some details or small parts, such as wedding dress or wedding toppers. Of course wedding dress is the easiest thing to prepare. Just wearing your uniform, that would be the most unique and suitable clothes.

Another small but useful thing is wedding cake toppers. Ordering a custom made wedding toppers to reflect your career and habits is the most common thing. But it is not quite easy to choose an appropriate one. You must do some research before taking action. Google this key word “military wedding cake toppers” can give you some good ideas. Nowadays Internet is the easiest way to find information you need. Try to browse images to give you some inspirations and find artists and bakeries that can make your idea come real. The toppers must meet your special requirement and match your wedding perfectly.

If you want to follow the traditions and choose two little figurines as cake topper, you still have some options to make them special. For example, you can have the figurines made to resemble you and your loved one with uniforms you usually wear. Your guest can easily figure out the meaning just by a glance of the toppers. Although customized military toppers are the best things to match your wedding, you have to be aware that they are more expensive than normal ones, if you are in a limited budget, this customized toppers might not be a good choice for you. Another thing you have to know is specialty orders and designs could take months to complete. So be sure they will be finished before your wedding, otherwise they will lose their special value completely.

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