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Thursday, 07 April 2011 18:16

Thanks for Clay & Whitney to share their amazing story and idea for this hunting wedding cake topper. Want to get free wedding cake topper design? Please check here to know how to apply. Have similar hunting cake toppers idea? Feel free to let us know, we will first draw some skethes to get your approval and then turn them in to 3D figurines.

Here is best hunting, fishing and horse roping cake topper idea, enjoy!hunting-wedding-cake-topper-design


Clay&Whitney2Hi! My name is Whitney dawn and I am getting married this fall to the most amazing man I could ever ask for, Clay! I’ve always been the “long term” relationship type person who was always in the relationship, but the problem was, I was never in the “right” relationship. I was engaged last year to an abusive man who pretty much taught me exactly what I don’t want in a man. I left him and got closer to my good friend Brittany and started hanging out with her and her friends. I met her through work and have known her and her friends since 2008, little did I know one of her friends were some day going to be “the one.” 

Clay’s family lives in Cameron, TX and he is the only one here in Oklahoma. His family is the best! I am truly blessed to be welcome in their family and feel so comfortable and warm whenever I'm around them. Clay works at the Oklahoma City & Apache Stockyards for a company call Stockman’s cattle co. He loves cattle and loves his horse and loves to rope. He also loves OU (University of Oklahoma. He’s not your typical cowboy though. He wears cowboy boots but he’s addicted to the Hurley brand clothing. All his shirts are Hurley and all his hats are either Hurley or OU. We call him the Hurley Cowboy. Lol

My family all lives in Oklahoma except my dad who lives in Arizona and works for the Arizona Cardinals. I’m my dad’s biggest fan, a daddy’s girl. Whenever my parents split I lived with my dad and my sister lived with my mom so it was always me and my dad. My dad coached a baseball team and had me play on it. I was the only girl on the team. And of course when he went fishing id always be his fishing partner. We use to get up at 4 am on Saturday mornings and go get bait and then go fish. My dad and I have been through a lot. We lived in a one bedroom apartment and he’d sleep on the sofa bed every night so I had a bed to sleep in and I swear we lived off macaroni and smoked link sausage, frosted flakes and fried catfish that we caught. It was tuff times but honestly, it was the best part in my whole life. We were close, each others best friend. He taught me to drive his standard truck and showed me what work was at the age of 13. Babysitting one of his friends kids during the summer and working at his baseball complex concession stand in Midwest City. He showed me what compassion was by rebuilding her deceased  husband’s old baseball field he once made. It was such an awesome experience. But through my dads fishing trips and him and my uncles hunting trips, I got a feel for the outdoors. I learned to bow hunt and I absolutely love it! I also love to fish, even more than my cowboy Clay does. I have to drag him to a fishing spot. Clay and his family rifle hunt every now and then but so far I am the only bow hunter in both mine and his family. Also another fun fact, Real Tree Camo is my favorite color. I’m not lying either. When we are married I plan on wearing a camo garter. :)

Clay&Whitney-wedding-scene Clay & Whitney’s Wedding Scene

The pictures I added are some of me and clay and then another picture is a scene of what my wedding will look like. Clay will wear a white tux with an olive green vest. I will wear a white dress with olive green sash but I’m not sure on the dress yet. This is what I like but I haven’t gone shopping yet. Also added is a picture of what my hunting bow looks like.

I’ve looked at cake toppers but all the ones I see are where the groom hunts and the bride drags him. What about the opposite? I like to hunt and fish and he’s draggin me away.  Whitney-bootsfrontier-jumbo

Some ideas I had was me with my hair down and wavy in a white dress with a camo garter (if possible) with my hunting bow in hand and possibly a fishing pole nearby and him on his horse roping me or pulling me by my leg or something. I don’t have a picture of his horse but her name is Katie and she is dark brown with some white all the way from her nose to between her ears on the top of her head.

Also: I will be wearing my cowboy boots with my wedding dress; I added pictures of the ones  ill probably wear.

We also have 3 dogs but they don’t have to be in the scene for the topper, unless you need more props. If you need more pictures or if you have any other questions please fell free to email me back and Ill get whatever you need.

Thank you for your time in reading this and I really hope you guys can help me out. You’re my only hope to finding the topper that will fit our crazy personalities. hunting-wedding-cake-topper-design

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