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How to Choose the Right Cake Toppers E-mail
Thursday, 03 June 2010 05:47

Nowadays it is very important to choose a right wedding cake topper since it does receive lots of attention, with the wedding cake being the centerpiece of a wedding reception. They are also in full view of all guests for a few hours before the ceremony begins, and will be a keepsake after your wedding.

Therefore choosing a right wedding cake topper sometimes is the key point of a wedding. But how to choose the right one? Here I would share you some tips.

Basic principle, choose YOUR cake toppers, not others. That means your topper should be absolutely different from others. It should reflect your personality, or mirrors your wit and sense of humor. Maybe you'd prefer one that illustrates your hobbies or perhaps one that just ties the whole theme of your wedding together. However, just remember the basic principle- choose the one belongs to you.


You will be surprised with what is available in the marketplace and online. Figurines are available that depict couples in skiing gear, of various ethnic background, walking arm-in-arm on a beach, riding a horse or sitting gingerly on the edge of the cake. Monogrammed cake tops are also very popular and add an air of elegance and personalized heart shaped toppers that feature a photograph of the couple are getting more and more popular too. So many styles you can choose and if you can't find the suitable one, you can even custom one.

Second wedding cake tops should fit your wedding theme and cake. If you are planning a beach themed wedding, choosing a beach theme topper might be the best idea. Also if your cake and toppers are not made in the same place, you have to consider this issue as not every cake and toppers fit well. It would be a good idea to talk to your pastry chef about your choices of cake toppers, bringing pictures and dimensions if at all possible.

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